Q & A


Will Body Contouring eliminate cellulite?

Professional use of the Cassia Body Wraps  will help diminish dimples and lumps to smooth skin out.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is an accumulation of waste materials (toxins & carbohydrates) trapped within large fat cell chambers that lay between the muscles of the skin. This accumulation is caused by an excess of female hormonal activity in areas where papillae adipose (collective fat cells) are present, connective tissues within these areas breakdown and can result in the loss of elasticity. Loss of skin elasticity along with water retention in large fat cell chambers presents visual lumps and clumps because of the accumulation of fat. No amount of exercising or dieting can effectively minimize cellulite. 

Why do women have more cellulite than men do?

Genetic history and hormonal balance are influential factors in cellulite distribution. 

Can women gain inches while on Cassia Body Wrap Program?

Some women are prone to retain fluid around their menstrual period and many women choose not to have body wraps during this time. It is advisable to drink plenty of water to help flush impurities from the body and continue the purification process.

How much weight is lost?

This is an incentive program to improve proportions and is not a program to LOSING weight but rather an "inch-loss" program to tighten and tone the skin. There will be noticeable inch-loss with increased firming and tightening until optimum results are produced. 

What is meant by the term toned?

Tones is the normal state of firmness, tightness or texture of the skin. When losing or gaining weight, diet, and exercise along solar exposure can cause lose in skin tone and skin elasticity.