Continued Q & A

How often can wraps be done?

One treatment can address a trouble area. For more than one session One treatment is reccomended every 5 days for 4 to 6 sessions. Once, desired results are achieved, Cassia Body Wrap is recommended monthly for maintenance.

What results can be expected from a body wrap treatment?

Immediate results are seen, improved skin texture and tone the very first body wrap. Firming and tightening of the skin will continue with progressive treatments until each individual's optimum results are produced especially when coupled with exercise and healthy diet, etc.

Is a Cassia Body Wrap Painful?

No, some people will experience heat for about five minutes due to the creams natural action on the skin. The results can still apparent even without heat sensations. Most clients mention how relaxed they feel.

Are there any side effects with Cassia Body Wraps?

There may be some redness on the areas where the cream was applied to increase in the skin's vascular circulation. This condition is only temporary and will subside in a short amount of time. 

Would having a body wrap cause any problems with people prone to allergies?

Not usually. People with a history of allergic reactions are encouraged to have a patch test prior to treatment.